Photos 2019

Photos from 11th January to 29th December 2019

West Cork “Ladies who lunch” (or a belated “Women’s Little Chanukah”) !!
11th January 2019
It was decided, as several of our lovely West Cork ladies have birthdays within a few weeks of each other, that we’d meet at Organico in Bantry to celebrate! – Photos courtesy of Val Davin

One of our members, Miranda McCarthy, has launched her new CD. Here’s an article about her in February 2019’s edition of the West Cork People:

One of our members, Ruti Lachs, has a new (her second) show about to be performed, called “A Different Kettle”. Here are the dates and venues of the performances:

Debra Davies (centre) and Val Davin (right) met up with Fiona Frank in Clonakilty on 07.03.19. Fiona lives in Lancashire and, along with other jobs, she works for the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC), where she instigated a fascinating study of what it is like to be Jewish in Scotland, more of which can be learnt here:

Fiona has published a book about the research that she did for her PhD at the Scottish Oral History Centre, at the University of Strathclyde: “Candles, Conversions and Class: five generations of a Scottish Jewish family” and we are delighted that she will be coming back to Cork to give us a talk on this subject, hopefully later this year!

She first got in touch as she hoped to join the Munster Jewish Community at the last High Holidays when she was visiting her friend Ed, who runs Cleire Goats on Cape Clear. She is related to Joyce and Alan Shaper in Dublin.

His Excellency, the Israeli Ambassador, Ophir Kariv (third from right), joining in a meal with some members of the Munster Jewish Community and friends. 11.04.19

Photographs from two different Seder Nights this year, April 2019

3 Faith Forum World Earth Day, Peace Park, Cork City 27.04.19
Despite a downpour shortly before starting, the sun came out and the day went well, with various people reading passages from the Old Testament and the Quran. The food (provided by Jenny Rose) was also delicious!

13th June 2019 Aida Phelops talk on “The Forgotten Holocaust” at The Maldron Hotel, Cork.
A great turn-out to listen to Aida’s historical and personal account of the persecution of Arab Jews, followed by a question and answer session. Thought provoking and informative.

10th August 2019 Rabbi David Kudan gave a talk and prompted discussion on the Legend and Lore of the Temple, explaining about the 1st, 2nd and extended Temples, the reason and need for building them, the change from sacrifices to prayer, their destruction and how the Munster Jewish Community can relate to being a community without a shul! Very engaging, with interesting questions asked and theories suggested. Followed (as always) by a delicious lunch and more discussions.

Rosh Hashanah, 5780. We had a lovely gathering to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and hear the Shofar being blown! Here are a few photographs of this year’s event
Photos courtesy of Val Davin

Succoth in West Cork 19th October 2019, kindly hosted by Debra Davies. All took part in shaking the Lulav and enjoying plenty of delicious food, and afterwards there was a ceremony to erect a new Mezuzah on her front door after it had been newly painted. – Photos courtesy of Val Davin, except the 4 of her, taken by Ruti Lachs

On Wednesday 6th November, Simon Lewis came back to Cork City as part of his tour of Ireland to launch his second book of poetry “Ah, Men” at Cork City Library, Grand Parade. This was very well attended. Photo courtesy of Mehmed Khayat

Last night of Chanukah, 29th December 2019. Councillor Dan Boyle acting on behalf of the current Cork City Mayor, gave a speech at Shalom Park explaining the significance of Maddy Leach’s art instillation for Jews in Cork. Afterwards a wonderful reception was laid on at the City Hall, families brought their Chanukiahs which were lit, prayers and songs sung. Aida Phelops read a piece about the meaning of Chanukah and it’s history, and the dreidel game was played by the children. We also had Ruti and Collum playing amazing Klezmer music, both in Shalom Park and again back at the Mayor’s Chambers, and a fabulous time was had by all!
Photos courtesy of Val Davin and Catherine Bailey