Photos 2017

Photos from 15th January to 29th December 2017

15th January 2017 Musical gathering in Tipparary – Photo courtesy of Val Davin

12th March 2017 Purim party (photos not included for children’s privacy)

5th April 2017 Talk by Holocaust Survivor Herman Polak, at UCC

10th April 2017 Pesach – Photos courtesy of Val Davin

22nd April 2017 3 faiths forum, Cork City – Photos courtesy of Con O’Connell

29th April 2017 Lisa, Con and family in the Irish Independent

25th May 2017 Opening of the Cork Museum’s permanent display from the Cork Synagogue – Photos courtesy of  Val Davin
There is also an article in a newspaper about this event:

11th August 2017 Shabbaton with Rabbis David Kudan & Julia Neuberger – Photos courtesy of Val Davin

Rosh Hashanah 5778 led by Louise Garcia, Shofar blown by Yossi Valdman – Photos courtesy of Val Davin 

Yom Kippur 5778 led by Louise Garcia, Shofar blown by Jack Cornhouse (and new miniature portable Ark made and decorated by Jack Cornhouse) – Photos courtesy of Val Davin

Chanukah Tuesday 19th December 2017 – Lighting of Chanukiah Installation in Shalom Park, speech by Maddie Leach, artist, & Lord Mayor’s Reception – Photos courtesey of Val Davin 

Shabbat Service, Dunmanway Friday 29th December 2017 led by Rabbi David Kudan and Rabbi Julia Neuberger – Photos courtesy of Val Davin